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Update:  Apple rejoins EPEAT and confessed that it was a mistake to withdraw its 39 products from the environment friendly list.

Apple has pulled out  its name form Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT). This means that Apple is no longer an environmental friendly product.

Apple asked EPEAT to remove its 39 certified desktop computers, laptops and monitors, which includes past versions of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Apple’s primary aim has been to come up with thinner, lighter and more robust products.There is no doubt that apple has achieved its main objectives. But an unattainable objective is still languishing far behind, i.e. to produce environment friendly and recyclable products for its users. It has been nearly impossible to recycle the Apple products earlier, and with the recent launch of Retina Display MacBook Pro, the idea of recycling became almost impossible.

On tearing Retina Display MacBook Pro, iFixit found that the machine was impossible to repair. The batteries are glued into their place. It is a machine that can not be torn open and separated and whose parts can not be recycled. Looking at these present conditions, Apple decided to remove its 39 products from the environment friendly list of EPEAT.

Apple’s attempt has always been to come up with a product which is sleek and thin. But unfortunately, with the recent Apple’s design decisions they were able to enhance their product quality, but were not able to come up with recyclable products.

Design and deliver the best products, is what Apple has always been catering to. And making the best of products does not always mean that they have to be environment friendly for Apple. Although they do display provision for recycling on their website but if the computer or laptop does not allows one to recycle, how can a website help the users.

Apple has by far excelled in industrial designing and in computing products, but at the cost of  not being environment friendly. But Apple has nothing to worry about that, because they know that by the end of the day, its all about what works best them!


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