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Apple being the biggest competitor in the tablet market, is planning to give a tough time to its competitors. Wondering how? Well apparently Apple is developing a 7.85 inch screen tablet, which will be priced a lot less than the present price of 9.7 inches of iPad, i.e. $499. Apple has not commented anything on this project, but are likely to announce it by latter this year.

On the other side, Google has began shipping its Nexus 7 on Friday. This tablet is smaller and cheaper than the iPad and is supposed to compete with iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Apart from this Microsoft has already stated that it will soon be launching its own tablet ‘Surface’.

It is very much clear that the competition is growing and that too at a very fast pace. Every company wants to rule the market and come up with a product that demolishes its competitors. And in Apple’s case, it prefers to compete with itself by coming up with such products that will make customers buy only Apple’s products. For example, when iPod was launched, it came up with its different versions. By doing so it retained and gained its customers, and provided them with an iPod that they preferred, keeping its competitors totally out of sight.

Apple has a simple strategy of including different prices and functions so that it can solidify its presence and dominance in the tablet market. On the other side the richest of the tech companies are still scratching their heads and working on how to remove Apple’s jinx from the users.

The idea of smaller iPad would be appealing to those who can not carry a 9.7 inch iPad everywhere. A smaller iPad means easy to handle, easy to carry and easy to put in the hand bag. It is assumed that smaller iPad will be most liked by women, as they will be able to carry them in their hand bags.

Seems like Apple might be fragmenting its customers by gender, but would it harm Apple’s market? Wait till iPad mini hits the market!


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