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So the news is Apple rejoins EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) again. Its not even a week when Apple removed its 39 products from the environment friendly list of EPEAT. Apple accepted that it was a mistake to remove its name from a program that rates green credentials of electronic products.

This decision came out as a result of an announcement made by San Francisco city officials, that they are planning to ban local agencies from buying Apple Mac computers.  Also many government offices and schools started planning to drop Apple’s products, since they prefer EPEAT certified systems only. Repenting on its original decision, Apple decided to improve upon its mistakes by rejoining EPEAT.

The whole issue started when iFixit tried to recycle the Retina Display MacBook Pro. They found that the battery was glued to its place. So they came to a decision that since the machine could not be torn open, it was impossible to recycle the it.

When Apple heard that many of its customers were disappointed after learning that they have removed their products from EPEAT rating system, they understood that it was a mistake to withdraw their products from the environment friendly list. Apple has always believed in making the most environment friendly products of the industry and by rejoining EPEAT, it will try to evolve its rating system.

Many company watchers think that even if Apple had not changed its decision it would not have harmed on its business. They believe that this act of rejoining EPEAT is merely to accomplish corporate mission rather than fear of losing customers.


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