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Just days after Phil Schiller publicly bashed Samsung just before the launch of Galaxy S4, Apple has started an ad campaign targeted at countering Samsung’s onslaught on iPhone.

While some people are saying that apple is getting defensive and it should just do what it always does- ignore the competition and keep building amazing products, I think this really represents that Apple is no longer the only real choice in the top end smartphone market and they are acknowledging it. Apple cannot just choose to ignore Samsung (or rather Android) because they are not the clear leaders any more. People have a choice and apple needs to sell, perhaps for the first time since iPhone launched. Nothing wrong with that if you ask me, competition helps keep you on your toes.

Just yesterday, I was in an Apple store and speaking to a few Apple sales people about what they thought of Phil Schiller’s remarks. The general feeling was that its good that Apple has some competition and they will make some bold moves hopefully.

I am glad Apple is finally acknowledging the competition and hopefully there will be some fireworks in the product side also rather than just marketing campaigns. After all, Apple believes most in answering with products of all the companies in the world!


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