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Click Labs develops apps for iOS 7App marketing has received a major boost through iOS7 as Apple has introduced new features in its latest operating system. Craig Palli, vice president of app marketing platform Fiksu believes that these features in iOS7 could be a boon for small- and medium-scale businesses to promote their apps.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the biggest change in iOS7 includes updates that will affect the way how brands market their apps on iPads and iPhones. Among the changes affecting developers and brands are those related to the App Store.

How new features will affect app marketers?

Auto updating of apps: Prior to iOS7, customers were manually notified about the new versions of apps present. But, with iOS7, instead of stacking update notifications in the users device, apps will be updated automatically, increasing the chances for user engagement.

Automatic updating means improved user experience, better retention rates and improved apps with better bug fixes, leading to improved user ratings and reviews. With most users accessing updated versions of apps, more advertisers and publishers are tempted to update their own apps frequently. This means that the IDFA (identifier for advertising) process happens quicker.


Near Me: The Genius feature in iOS6 has been replaced by Near Me in iOS7. Near Me highlights apps that are popular in the user’s location. It benefits franchises, businesses, restaurants, retail shops, hotels, and all those businesses who are trying to reach the consumers locally. The feature in iOS7 has higher user engagement and helps in positive app reviews, which can take the ranking of your app up in the App Store.


Increased download limit: In iOS7, the download limit has been increased from 50mb to 100mb. This has increased the conversion rates and has decreased costs for advertisers, as the larger apps lower the barrier of entry to downloading.


iTunes radio: iTunes radio is an ad-supported music streaming service that comes with iOS7. It matches listeners with specific types of music apps that interest them. This is an effective tactic for app marketing and is an indirect advantage for the marketers, as it can be leveraged for ad targeting and user analytics.

iTunes Radio is an instant rival to Pandora and is adopted by users all over the globe.


Push notifications: The users are notified through push notifications even when the screen is locked in iOS7. This gives the developers an increased visibility of what is being sent to the users. An effective push notification is a primary tactic for getting users to re-engage with an app.

The changes in iOS7 like auto updating of apps, Near Me feature, iTunes radio and push notifications benefits the marketers and makes their apps more saleable and more readily available.

With iOS7, the Startups and app developers know the way to stay ahead of their competitors, as these features offer higher user engagement, improved ratings and reviews on the App Store and decrease in advertising costs. This leads to better app marketing.

Have you upgraded to a better app marketing technique yet? Let us know in comments section.

Click Labs can help you keep your app marketing techniques updated. For more information, browse through our Mobile User Acquisition and App Marketing Services. Besides, our team of seasoned iOS App Developers and Designers also provide world class iPhone and iPad app development services.


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