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Here we go again. Google has made a major change in their search algorithm. This time the focus is on page layout and making sure that people landing on pages via the search engine don’t just see ads but rather some useful content also.

As Matt Cuts explains in a post here this is to ensure that the user experience for people clicking through via Google Search is not deteriorated because of the clutter of ads that some websites show. I can think of a prime example- Mashable. While I love the websites’ content and read through every post via my favorite RSS reader, I still feel that their website is just cluttered.

This Google Search Algorithm change means that we need to go to our drawing boards again, tweak our workflows and start emphasizing even more on the design of the websites. Since some time Google is giving higher emphasis to design and visual aspects of a website. It not only improves user experience but rather is also a measure of content quality in an indirect way while being difficult to fake via content spinners et al.

Do keep an eye on your search rankings and if you feel your search rankings dropped recently, comment below and I will have a look at it for you.

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