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kindle phone by amazon

Kindle Phone

Rumours about the Amazon phone or ‘Kindle Phone’ have been spreading like a wildfire.

No one knows for sure what kind of phone, if any, is going to launch in the market, or what extraordinary features might give Amazon the upper hand in the super competitive smartphone field.

But no one can stop the horses of imagination from running. Innovative and distinct features is what users and developers are hungry for.

Here’s a wish-list of 13 features the market demands for the ‘Kindle Phone’ to survive.

  1. Lower the Cost – Amazon was willing to sell the Kindle Fire for a lower price to grow the devices’ base, and the same can be done with the phone to target casual smartphone users.
  2. Creative App Store Options – Amazon already has a flourishing app store and media distribution service, but if Amazon uses Google’s operating system (as rumoured) for its phone, then it would allow users to take advantage of all the famous and significant apps on Google Play.
  3. Quicken & Socialize the Interface – Users want easier navigation through apps. They want more social features to help users recommend any app to their friends and family.
  4. No Single Carrier – Hopefully, Amazon will provide unlocked phones and won’t ally with any single carrier. Users want the option to switch carriers without hassle.
  5. Smart Shopping Device – Giving users a super easy way to shop from Amazon’s online shopping warehouse lets them compare what they are looking for against the products of Amazon and decide for themselves whether they are getting the best deal possible. There might be another innovative image recognition feature which will let users take a picture of any real-world object and match it with the products available on Amazon’s database.
  6. NFC (Near Field Communication) Payments – Including NFC technology in phones to let users pay for products without their wallets will add a convenience factor that’s hard to ignore.
  7. Free 3G – Like Kindle Fire, Amazon should offer free 3G to download books and browse the web. They can also allow users to make free 3G phone calls.
  8. User Friendly – Despite Android’s success, people complaint about the not-so-user-friendly interface. Like Kindle Fire, Amazon needs to polish and ease the entire user experience so technically illiterate people can also use the Amazon phone. Consumers prefer buying an easy-to-use smartphone from a name they trust.
  9. Killer Display – High resolution display is a must. The Kindle phone will be celebrated as a pocket friendly device for reading e-books and watching movies, so it requires retina-quality display.
  10.    Streaming Videos – If Amazon could reduce the price of streaming videos on mobile phones, users would love them forever. The experience of watching a movie on a HDTV is different than watching one on a 4-5 inch handset. So if users pay $6 for watching videos on computers or tablets, let smartphone users pay $3.
  11.   Opt for Lock Screen Ads – Up to $50 is reduced on a Kindle e-reader if the user opts for lock screen ads. Customers using Kindle phones can be given some advantage of the same kind, like cheaper data plans or devices for consumers willing to look at ads.
  12.    Free Prime Membership – For Kindle Fire users, Amazon provides one free month of prime service and charges $80 for one year. In return it provides two day free shipping on select items, free streaming movies and tv shows and many other benefits. For the Kindle phone, users can be given 3 months of free subscription or charge only $40 per year, at least until the phone takes off.
  13.    Phone Finder – Including a feature like “Find my iPhone” for free helps consumers protect their private information & save their phone if it’s lost.

Another Rumored Feature: 3D Eye Tracking

Amazon is probably working on two phones. One smartphone will utilize four front facing cameras to capture eye and head movements and arrange 3D effects accordingly by reading the users’ movements to move the interface around.

No one can say for sure whether the ‘Kindle Phone’ is a reality or a rumour, but it has already given Amazon a head start and free promotion. Without even launching the product, Amazon is already in the limelight.

Are there any more specific features which you would like to add in the wish-list to make Amazon’s rumored phone successful?

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