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Looking for an alternative to BambooHR?

Embrace the future of HR with NextJuggernaut HRMS. And, transform your HR into a strategic business partner.

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Here’s how NextJuggernaut is different from BambooHR

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Yes, BambooHR focuses on simplifying HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding and payroll and more. NextJuggernaut not only does similar operations but also empowers organizations with its AI-powered HRIS Bot.

NextJuggernaut is here to help HRs to free themselves from monitoring mundane activities like attendance & leave, managing employee referrals, and payslips concerns.

With our AI-powered HRIS bot, HRs can focus on improving strategies and help employees to achieve their maximum potential.

Here's a sneak peek of our Bot.

clockin image

Clock-in a with a smile

With Facial Recognition and GPS Tracking Features, your employees can clock-in and clock-out at the comfort of their desk. Start the day the smart way with NextJuggernaut.

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work from home image
work from image upper

Work from home?
We have got you!

Today, offices are filled with the millennial generation. And they prefer to work in the comfort of their home or a place where they can zen. Employees can request work from home easily. All it takes a single click.

timesheet gif
timesheet upper

Timesheets and
payroll go hand in hand

The clock starts ticking as soon as your employees clock-in. Our Bot captures timesheets in real-time. Employees can view their timesheet reports on the go. And, HR managers can process payroll effortlessly. No more last-minute editing spreadsheets.

leave any out

We don't leave out anybody

Do your managers always have to check who's in and who's not? That's time lost trying to keep track of their team members. Fret not, our bot is here for you.

Not only does the bot notifies who's clocked-in and who's not, but it also informs when they have clocked-in

never leave out
payroll gif
payroll upper

Go green with payslips

Employees will no longer need to use their desktop to download payslips or print payslips. They can download and share their payslips on the go.

timeoff upper

The history of time-off

Your employees now can view their leave history in the app. They will no longer need to switch between their phones and desktop while applying for leave. What can we say? We sure do keep track of history.

leave image

Is your inbox flooded
with leave requests?

Time-off email requests are long and time-consuming to read.Our bot simplifies it for you and your employees. Your employees can take time off in 3 steps. Well, doesn't that sound easy?

leave gif
juggernaut upper

Referrals made easy

Recruiters encourage employee referrals programs. Why? Well, 82% of employers feel employee referrals give a better ROI compared to other sourcing channels. That's a good number. Engage your employees in the first step of your recruitment process. And, just watch wonders happen.

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We Also Offer


Reduce the time to hire with a robust
Applicant Tracking System


Engage new hires effectively with
Employee Self Service Portal

Leave Management

Create holiday lists and leave
types with ease


Process payroll effortlessly and always be compliant with the latest policies

Performance Management

Provide effective feedback and nurture talent with training programs

Invest for your HR

NextJuggernaut keeps it pricing model transparent. Our mission is to empower SMBs to focus on improving business strategies and increasing employee experience.
Compare BambooHR pricing vs NextJuggernaut pricing.

  • BambooHR

    $99Starting fee

    Per employee fee

    Additional fee

    Setup Fee

    7 Days free Demo

  • NextJuggernaut

    $89Starting fee

    No Per employee fee

    No Additional fee

    No Setup Fee

    30 Days free Demo