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This was in fact my reaction when I first came to know that Facebook now has 901 million users. The surprise came on Monday when Facebook  revealed that it has 901 million users. Going by the current trend it seems that Facebook will cross 1 billion mark well before the end of the year.


The company dropped the statistics in its amended S-1 filling. The top social networking company revealed that it receives 3.2 billion comments per day. Facebook also claimed that 300 million new photos are added daily as well as the website also features 125 million friendships. Facebook described  that out of 901 million total users there were 526 million users who were active daily in the month of March. Close to 488 million users used Facebook mobile products in the month of the March.


The figures are indeed mind boggling and reveal the power of a social network in the present virtual age we are living in.


In the month of Febuary when Facebook filed for IPO at that time it had 845 million users.  And if we go back little further, Gregory Lyons, a senior analyst at iCrossing had estimated in January that the Facebook users would cross 1 billion mark by August this year. And now this seems to be possible as well.


Even before the figures revealed on Monday, Facebook was the biggest social network in the world.  Twitter which is at number 2 had passed 500 million users as of Febuary 2012. But Twitter has disclosed that there are only 140 million active users on Twitter.  It is clearly visible that the difference is huge.


What are your views regarding the growth of Facebook? Do you think it will continue to grow endlessly? Or there is an end to its growth? Let us know your views.


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