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To recap the highlights of the Apple’s release event earlier this month, one of the biggest attention-grabbers was the latest 64-bit ARMv8 processor called the A7. It’s a phone processor offering desktop-class architecture in a smartphone. There’s also an M7 motion-sensor that works along with the A7 chip as a motion co-processor.

Mobile Games and the New Processor

Gaming, the main category responsible for the App Store’s financial success, is set for a revolution with the power-packed A7 chip. With hardware enhancements boosting the performance of high-end games, it will be a giant leap forward in the world of mobile gaming.

Users will be able to smoothly play graphically advanced games with this power-efficient processor. It will greatly improve the performance-level, providing an immersive user experience.

A change in the interface in the form of the new parallax effect will not only lend a better game-playing experience, but also give depth to the flat display of the iPhone. The new technology will bridge the gap between consoles and iOS devices.

Empowering Developers

The advanced version of the processor opens new realms for independent developers. With a powerful processor, developers can now make mobile games they desire, utilizing all the capabilities of today’s revolutionary smartphones. They will be able to create games, and make the functionality as complex as they want.

For developers, it is a great opportunity to bring more movement-based games to iOS users. The powerful processor will enable them to make games that are deeper, richer, interactive and worthy of desktop ambience for small screens. Thus, successfully integrating their console game development knowledge with development for mobile devices.

But, to build apps, developers need to sign-in with their Apple ID associated with iOS developer program membership to download and install iOS 7 GM (golden master), seed, and Xcode 5 GM seed from the iOS development center on their devices.

Are Rivals Gearing Up?

The new processing architecture poses some serious competition to other mobile device makers in the form of:

  • Faster processing power
  • Larger memory capacity
  • Improved CPU performance
  • Multi-tasking capabilities
  • Better response rate
  • Capability to handle larger sets of data
  • A foundation for 64-bit mobile computing

With Samsung announcing its future high-end smartphones featuring 64-bit processors, Google is also working on bringing the 64-bit support to Android with its 4.4 version release.

Why Now?

Having a 64-bit architecture for mobile computing is a great feat for smartphones, but the question arises whether there is a need for it at the present moment Console gaming is a planned effort and goes on for longer durations, whereas mobile gaming happens only when people find free time in between their busy schedules. So, this chip offers more hardware power than is often actually used. But upgrading now sets the bar for Apple’s high expectations to come.


The super-advanced iPhone 5S with two processors is sure to have an extra edge over other devices for times to come. It will provide a new platform for development, with less restrictions on the hardware front and is a benchmark device, setting the standards high for its competitors.

Personally, we’re excited about the things we’ll be able to do with this new chip. What about you?

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