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A study featured on Google Research Blog shows that combining Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with search advertising can lead to incremental increase in search ad clicks. A successful search ad campaign has many factors that lead to its success with the key lying outside of the search ad campaign itself. In fact, the entire web presence of your brand plays a crucial role.  Optimizing your web presence can immensely contribute towards the success of your search ad campaign and may eventually mean more leads for your business.

I have come up with five tips that you can follow to enhance your web presence and get the most out of your search ad campaign. Here are they.


Landing Page Optimization

In order to generate more conversions, an effective landing page is important for your search ad campaign. Your landing page should be such that whenever a customer lands on it, it should clearly depict the path of conversion. Most of the times it is your company’s phone number. And the primary path of conversion is the direct Call to Action. For example, it could say, “Call Now”. Your landing page should be to direct your visitors and pitch the advantages of your business.


Gain Mobile Web Presence

Add a mobile component to your search ad campaign. The present times are of Smart phones and Tablet PCs and you cannot afford to miss the large chunk of your audience using these devices. Recent Nielsen report shows that 50% of the mobile phone users in the US own Smart phones. Most of the people now search for local businesses on their mobile devices, and if you are not visible via mobile then you ought to lose many potential customers. You should develop for them a mobile friendly website to drive mobile searches towards your business. And do not forget to claim local listings on Yelp, Google Places and other local listing websites that are already mobile as they could help boost your mobile presence.


Track, Analyze and Manage Quality Score

Quality score is something based on which a search engine determines where to and when to display your search ad. In addition to that, quality score also helps search engines determine the cost at which your search ad should run. It is essential to maintain keyword consistency on your search ads and landing page to not only attain but to maintain a high quality score. A high quality score helps improve placement of your search ad on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and lower the bid price of your high performance keywords.


Start Managing Online Reputation

You may not always rank at the first place when someone searches for your business. It may happen that first few websites that list are blogs and review websites. These may contain reviews about your business. Whether the user will visit your website, buy from you or click on your search ads depends hugely on online reputation of your business. So it is important to monitor and quickly address any bad reviews that may appear on these websites. So if you are able to maintain a positive web presence and are able to pursue your customers to leave positive reviews then this can help you ensure that positive reviews appear on SERP.  This would automatically enhance the performance of your search ad campaign.


Consider Remarketing to Convert New Leads

Customers may come to your website with the help of your search ad campaign but if they do not convert, you need to think doing something else as well. You should try to re-engage with your customers through remarketing once they leave your landing page. You can use remarketing and well targeted display ads to lure back the visitors who leave your site. Visitors upon leaving your landing page, while browsing the internet would see your ads on the internet. This will help remind them your brand and direct them back to your website. So if you are able to recapture those lost prospect with remarketing this will improve the performance of your search ad campaign and enhance conversions.



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