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4 Steps to Increase Brand Awareness using Mobile Games

Hello! My name is Avantika and I’m a Casual Gamer.
Oh My God! So are you? Nice to meet you 🙂
But I hope you know that we are not the ‘chosen ones’. Like us, more than half of the billions of smartphone users fall under the category of Casual Gamers. And the figure will keep going up.

Flurry recently published a report, Five Year Report: “It’s an App World. The Web Just Lives in It”, which stated that “out of an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes per day on smartphones and tablets, a U.S. consumer spends 80% of that time (i.e. 2 hours and 7 minutes) on apps. In addition, they found out that mobile gaming apps form the largest category of all apps with 32% of time spent on them.” (Source: Flurry)

Hence, it is no rocket science to deduce that mobile games can provide endless opportunities to your Company. A well developed advergame can assist you in spreading brand awareness, and creating a high-tech brand image of your company. You can gather rich data from the gaming app, and employ it to target your customers in a better way. Moreover, you can also use this platform to launch your new products and/or services as well as promote the existing ones in the most exciting way, and collect feedback and opinions of the users. And last but not the least, you can enjoy a constant influx of revenue and profit, all thanks to an advergame.

Here are the 4 easy Steps you can undertake to increase your Brand Awareness with the help of a Branded game:-

#1- Identify and Define Mobile Marketing Strategies and Goals

Before diving into the pool of advergaming, make sure that you have a well defined set of mobile marketing goals in place. This will not only give a direction to the marketing campaign, but will also help you measure the end results. Spend considerable amount time and energy in perfecting and employing the mobile marketing strategies, that will enable you to achieve your objectives. Be certain that the ‘message’ you want to convey aligns with your brand and products or (and) services. In addition, also define the Target Audience you wish to reach out to because the entire process of strategizing and developing the branded game will depend a lot on what they like or don’t like.

#2- Create the Advergame using a White Label Solution

Instead of wasting your time, money and resources on developing a mobile game app from the scratch; hire an Advergame Developer, with an extensive collective of white-label solutions, to do all the tedious and techy work for you. Outsourcing the development and launch part of a branded game will not only help you lower your costs and avoid additional overheads, but it will also ensure that the dedicated, professional team of mobile app developers and designers create an awesome branded game for your company.

While getting your promotional game developed, pay extra attention to the seamless integration of your brand with the game. Amalgamate your company’s image and mobile marketing objectives with the gaming app for better communication of the brand’s message with the users. You can use elements like fun facts about the company, discount coupons, latest happenings, etc. to keep the user intrigued and engaged.

A well designed along with well developed branded game with a good storyline, which is specially weaved around the demands of target demography, can make competing apps gasp for air. Besides, it can also impress the users and keep them engaged with the game. Here are some tips to keep in mind while getting the branded game designed and developed according to your brand identity:

  • The advergame should be user friendly and easy to play;
  • User Interface (UI) of the advergame should be visually appealing;
  • Game’s audio and soundtrack should delight and excite the user;
  • In-app incentives should motivate users to play and involve their peers with the advergame;
  • Social shares of game scores and points should be included.

To know more about the steps involved in outsourcing and launching a successful mobile game, download our free eBook “Appreneurs’ Cookbook: 7 Steps Guide to Successfully Outsource Development and Launch Mobile Games”.

#3- Market and Promote the Advergame for User Acquisition

Marketing goals and strategies are in place (Check). The branded game is ready and launched (Check). Now it is time to get the game downloaded. Here are some tips to grab users’ attention and engage them with your advergame:

  • To drive Organic Search, have an incredible App Store Optimization for the promotional game, along with well designed game icons, compelling screenshots, keywords-rich app description and exciting game video;
  • Use Paid Media like Facebook Ads to expose your brand and marketing campaign to large population of the website users;
  • You can use channels like social media websites, app review sites, press releases, etc. to gain more traction for the advergame.

While marketing the advergame for User Acquisition, make sure that the incentives to play the game are high. You can do this by giving your users something significant to keep them interested and intrigued. For example: use inducements like sweepstakes, giveaways, coupons, discounts, etc. to make their experience with your branded game fun and exciting. In return, you can enjoy your game going viral, thanks to your happy users.

#4- Set Measurement Criterias for Your Advergame

It is extremely crucial to measure your mobile marketing campaign and make necessary iterations and changes. Keeping a tab on how the game is performing can help you redefine your strategies, make upgrades in your branded game, and alter your promotional activities accordingly. Following matrix can help you monitor the gaming app’s performance in number of ways:

  • Total number of visits as well as unique visits
  • Average playtime per visit
  • Number of users acquired
  • Degree of Virality
  • In-app clicks
  • Number of Coupons downloaded
  • Number of Conversions and sign-ups
  • Levels completed

Click Labs has been involved in designing and developing amazing Advergames for established companies and businesses. We have games like KDD Balanty and Your Are A CEO proudly embellishing our portfolio. If you want to outsource the game development and hire us as your Advergame Developer, then Get in Touch today and schedule a free Consultation Session with our Branded Game Experts.


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