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Click Labs, an active and experienced incubator, has accelerated the growth of its two in-house projects: Candies with Friends and VoteChat. A lot of brainstorming and a positive outlook have marked the beginning of these two successful apps.

Candies with Friends

Candies with Friends was released on 23rd August 2013 for Android and 30th October 2013 for iOS.

Candies with Friends is an addictive game by Gamifyd (an incubatee of Click Labs). Gamifyd focused on the main problems of Candy Crush Saga and solved the problems frustrating players the most, like getting stuck on one level and not being able to advance without spending money for more daily chances. The team also added a social aspect even Candy Crush Saga’s Facebook app can’t match.

Candies with friends, an addictive gaming application

Players swap the candies, match them and collect more points to beat their friends’ scores. Candies with Friends is a race against time and opponents. Test your candy matching skills in a two-minute session by challenging your pals in a classic playoff.

With an overwhelming response on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, i.e., half a million downloads, we concluded that people enjoy playing Candies with Friends rather than playing alone.

“Great app for killing time and have fun. This is such a great app for killing time and to train your mind. Players are required to put similar candies in a row to gain score. It’s got a well-designed interface and the animation is really smooth. played similar games before but this one is definitely comparable.” – Tony Li.


VoteChat, a new group-messaging mobile application was launched on November 11, 2013. It allows ideas and messages to be exchanged among friends and then voted on by the group. The platform provided by the application is designed to quickly get feedback on potential ideas or plans in the group and then elect winners for the best idea.

Currently launched for iOS, it will also be available to Android users by the end of November, and by the end of 2013 it will be available for Windows users.

Group voting and messaging app Votechat

Click Labs as an Incubator

Click Labs has an in-house team to conceptualize, design, develop and launch marketing plans for apps to achieve optimum results.

Have you had any experience with incubators? Share with us in the comments section below.

Click Labs has expertise in building mobile apps for both, startups as well as large enterprises. In addition to this, we house a unique startup lab incubating 6 different companies. If you wish to establish your own startup or have an idea, reach out to us for a free consultation session with our experts. Also you can browse through our Startup Incubator section to know more.


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