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Business Apps for Small -medium enterprises

Popular business apps integrating some of the best features for small business

In total, 725 million working hours are saved with mobile apps designed for small businesses. This averages out to a $377 per month savings on travel, document sharing, bookkeeping, and other tasks.

Small businesses really benefit when they start advertising and reaching audiences through mobile channels. Already, 33% of all internet time is spent via mobile devices like phones and tablets, and 80% of that time is spent via apps rather than mini internet browsers.

The SBE Council Survey Says…

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council asked their members what app features they used most, and they found the 11 best features for small business apps:

  • Contact Management – 46%

Your customers can push a button to email or call your business, and this one-touch access greatly increases customer communication. These features also allow you to manage different contact lists.

  • Remote Access to Documents – 41%

Access PowerPoint, Word or Excel files from anywhere. You can tell your business’ story or provide price lists or marketing documents.

  • Travel Planning – 32%

Manage domestic and international travel plans, including flights, lodging and transportation.

  • Finance and Banking Management – 30%

Synchronize bank accounts, track expenses and income, and manage your payroll anywhere, anytime.

  • Social Media Connectivity – 27%

Customers love signing in via social media: it’s easier and more fun. Plus, it gives companies a marketing advantage by getting their brand and business name in front of hundreds of new potential customers automatically.

  • Location-Based Services – 23%

Engage more with customers through location check-ins, and make them feel special by giving them special offers or exclusive information when they do.

  • Time-Tracking and Invoicing – 22%

Get real-time updates on sales made, packages delivered, and bills sent to clients and customers.

  • Shipment and Delivery Management – 18%

You and your customers can track packages on the go with improvements in timeliness and service quality.

  • Expense Tracking – 17%

Check and make updates on expense and income reports anytime you have to purchase something with the company credit card.

  • Credit Card Payment Processing – 13%

Mobile credit card processing applications ensure that no business ever misses a sale just because a customer isn’t in store or behind a personal computer screen.

So, now that you’ve seen what other small business owners prefer in a mobile app, tell us about your preferences. What is your favorite app or feature to use with your small business?

Personally, we like all the news feeds that give us news from the Tech industry because they help keep us on top of our game without spending so much time searching through different websites.

Interested in getting a mobile app for your small business? Comment below or contact us to get the advantage of most exclusive app for your SME that too within your budget. Alternatively, browse through our custom mobile app development services for startups, small & medium business to learn more on how we can help you incorporate your favorite app features to either get more customers, save management time, or both.


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