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Twitter has come up to be known as one of the world’s most popular social networking and microblogging website. Twitter is visited by millions of users daily. Twitter allows users to send short, text messages called Tweets. It allows messaging friends instantly and gain group of devoted Followers. Many hotels are already making good use of this free website for effective sales & promotion of their hotel services.

Hotels use this website as a quick and efficient way of providing information to customers. Hotel industry experts regard Twitter as a way to expand demographic reach and access large number of contacts otherwise inaccessible.

From a customer’s point of view there are many things that need to be answered prior to booking a room with your hotel. These may include Cost, Pet Policy, Guest Reviews, etc. As an hotel owner you can effectively use Twitter to answer all these questions instantaneously. It will surely help you in increasing room bookings.

10 Twitter ways that guarantee more room bookings:

1.    Promote Local Events

Promotion of local events such as Festivals & concerts serve as an excuse for individuals to travel and also help support community. Enticed with the support your hotel gives to local activities, the number of guests coming to the hotel will increase. You will also notice an increase in number of Followers of your Twitter page.

2.    Offer Discounts

Customers love to get best deals on any item. Hotel industry is no excuse; compelling discounts and package deals can attract more room bookings. Use Twitter to publicize any special deals or offers that encourage customers to book rooms with your hotel. Twitter will spread word about promotional offers at your hotel among its millions of users. It will increase hits on your Twitter page and more people will start Following you out of the hope of finding more discounts.

3.    Mention Twitter Exclusive Offers

You can offer some exclusive online discounts, packages or deals. This is the best way to reward your loyal customers. You will be able to increase room bookings by strengthening your Followers network. People will go intentionaly to your Twitter page to know more about online exclusive deals. More people Following your Twitter page will also mean an increase in popularity of your hotel brand.

4.    Talk About Special Events

Tell your Twitter fans about the events that your hotel is organizing. The Tweets can be about any event like a Christmas party, an Art show or any other event that your hotel is hosting. Write brief description about the special event on your Twitter page so that people get to know about it. This will help generate more room bookings and get increased daily visitors to your hotel. People always feel interested in special events and activities.

5.    Tweet about Special Offers at local establishments

People who plan to stay at your hotel  would surely like to be know about some great nearby shops or restaurants. Tweets are the best possible way to do so. You can attract those guests to stay at your hotel by offering them some free coupons valid at nearby local establishments. It will thus help you promote your hotel and at the same time help your customers save money.

6.    Give Hotel Updates

Make it a point to keep your customers informed about any changes or updates about your hotel. It can be about anything like changed policy information or new openings with your hotel. To keep potential customers well informed and up to date is a effective way of generating trust and encouraging room bookings.

7.    Encourage Customer Feedback

You should motivate your customers to give feedback about your hotel on Twitter. It will help you address any problems faced by your customers and act accordingly. This way your Twitter followers will realize that how much value your hotel gives to customer opinion. They will be encouraged to book your hotel instead of going to any other hotel.

8.    Highlight Achievements of your Hotel

Tweet about the most recent news article published about your hotel. Or highlight the support that your hotel provides to a social cause. You should introduce your Followers about all the great aspects of your hotel. Highlighting the good things about your hotel will increase the likelihood of getting a room booking.

9.    Post Videos and Photos of your Hotel

Visual stimulation is necessary when prompting online potential customers to be your guests. This can be achieved by posting photos and videos of your hotel. Take your customers on a virtual tour introducing them with their place of stay and the type amenities that you may provide with their bookings.

10.  Give glimpses of your Hotel expansion plans

If you are planning to expand your hotel business in near future, Twitter is the place to talk about it. Tweet about the new places or destinations your hotel plans to hit. Your Followers will feel elated and it may also bring about some prospective customers.

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