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Lots of people in the hotel industry have asked me that how they can leverage Facebook to get more room bookings. How they can convert their Facebook fans into room booking guests? In this article I will show you how you can use Facebook and other social media to gain more room bookings.

The number of people using Social Media is growing exponentially. Facebook is the most sought after social network these days. Facebook has over 900 million users. There is a growing population of hotel guests which refers to Facebook to manage their travel needs.

Many hotels respect Facebook as a strong promotional tool. They have already joined hands with millions of other users on this larger than life platform. Hotels are now using Facebook for booking guests, developing widgets with functionality in excess to their website and lot more. The hotels now interact with their customers one on one through Facebook. This increases accessibility and helps create strong relations with customers.

The 10 golden rules you must follow to convert your Facebook fans into booking guests:
Manage your Facebook Profile

To get your Facebook guests to book room at your hotel you first need to create a business account. Do remember to read the Facebook rules that guide business accounts. Make sure you keep any personal aspects of your profile private by changing the account settings. This will help to separate your business life from your private life. You may consider posting your professional photo. This will help you reinforce your hotel brand and give your guests a glimpse about the person who runs the the hotel.

Utilize Facebook Applications

This Facebook aspect allows you to integrate your hotel blog, and your other social media accounts onto your Facebook profile. A customized booking widget that gives anytime access to Facebook fans should be created. This is the best way to gain more room bookings as the guests will not have to leave Facebook to book room with your hotel.

Give Hotel Newsletter Subscription options & Archives

You should consider posting subscription options to your hotel’s newsletter and archives in your profile. This way you can direct your Facebook profile viewers to your Hotel website homepage and let them explore more about your hotel.  These featured links on your profile help increase the chance of direct online room bookings with your hotel.

Select a Facebook URL that correlates to your Hotel Brand

This is to ensure that Facebook users are easily able to find information about your hotel. It is recommended to incorporate this URL into your email signature, business cards, etc. It will allow potential customers to know more about your hotel and could eventually add to more room bookings.

Post regular hotel updates on your wall

This will serve as a information resource for those interested in staying with your hotel. People who are your friends on Facebook will see the update and may find the recently changed information interesting. You should post useful articles and links to increase your credibility and share latest news that relates to your hotel.

Combine your Facebook account with Twitter, MySpace and others

Get wider demographic reach for your hotel. This can be done by allowing interlinking of your Facebook profile with other social media tools such as Twitter, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Flickr and others.

Use Friend Finder Application

You can use this Facebook functionality to get suggestions about other people you may like to connect with. This will help you expand your network. Going this way you will also get the opportunity to advertise your hotel on the pages of other people as well.

Invite your past hotel guests to write on your Facebook page

Get the first hand opinion about your hotel and the services offered. You should invite your hotel guests in the past to write on your Facebook page. This will allow other Facebook users to read their experiences and take firm room booking decision. And hence, more room bookings.

Add Discounts and Package deals to your Facebook page

Offer your Facebook friends some exclusive discounts and package deals which may not be available to others. You will be able to create a hype about your hotel and increase the number of people who want to add you as a friend on Facebook.

Buy Facebook Advertisements

You should consider buying Facebook advertisements that feature your hotel. This helps when you are trying to target specific audience. You will notice an increase in traffic not only on your Facebook page but also on your hotel website.

Get the best benefits of having a mobile app for your hotel business. Join our team of experts at Click Labs to get the advantage of increased guests through facebook mobile app development. Get In Touch to know more about our offerings related to Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Hotel Industry.


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